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Life is fragile, beautiful, and breathtaking.

Little things happen every day that we take for granted — intricacies of human interactions and habits. People do the unimaginable, think about impossible possibilities, and make every day a little interesting.

While humans are all unique, there are some things humans do that…

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I’ve read all the self-improvement books, from “Untamed” to “Year of Yes” to “Indistractable.”

I love the optimism, encouragement, and tangible tips. But, I haven’t actually taken these tips to heart. I read, highlight on my Kindle, and think “wow, I should do that!”

But, do I do it?


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Through my podcast, I’ve spoken to countless technologists and people hoping to get into tech. Again and again, I hear the same advice over and over. I also hear why people are scared to pursue it—mainly due to some misconceptions and stereotypes.

Before we discuss how to join the tech…

Marisa Hoenig

Female technologist, podcaster, & pun lover. On a mission to make the world a better place, one smile at a time.

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