Why You Need to Care About Politics Even When You Hate Them

  1. The 2016 election.

The government controls life as we know it.

Even if you’d like to be independent, living in a country means you abide by that government’s rules. Taxes, laws, rights, the value of the dollar, public spaces, travel, health, safety — everything is ultimately in the control of government.

Your individuality is valued on a national scale.

One of the reasons people don’t vote is because they think “I’m just one person. What can my vote really do?”

Politics are the way for your voice to be heard.

When I was in sixth grade, we had an assignment to build a utopia. What was our ideal world? What were the laws that would govern its citizens? How did people make a living? What made people happy in this utopia?

Voting is our way to fight for our values.

We elect officials to represent our voices and ideas. We elect people who can understand our values and fight for them on a higher playing field. They make the decisions to govern our utopia.

The government is there to help you.

Think about your taxes. Sure, we complain about getting a large percentage of our paycheck taken out, but the money goes to improving roads, building parks, supporting public facilities like libraries and schools, protecting our country, supporting the elderly, and more.

Everyone talks about it.

It’s always a little disheartening to be in a conversation in which you have nothing to contribute. Politics is one of those topics that a vast number of adults are always paying attention to. Once you learn some basics and pay attention to current events, you can take part in many conversations.

It’s never going away.

It’s easy to hate something when it’s temporary — like catching a cold or being in a bad job. These are things that you have direct control over with ways to fix them.

In Conclusion

The more I learn, the more I realize how deeply intertwined my life is with politics. The money I make, the places I live, every day-to-day decision ties back to our government, whether I’d like it to or not. Politics are inevitable, and being just a bit informed is all it takes to play a part.

Sunshine Girl. Making the world a better place through writing, podcasts, tech, & puns. Bringing my random musings to life. marisahoenig.com

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